WATER Ritual with Brahman

The Brahman :

With great knowledge of the powerful Balinese esoteric tradition, meditation and all Hindu spiritual matters, our guide belongs to the highest caste lineage of the Brahmans. For generations, his family has lived in this village near Ubud.

He will accompany you to the temple, the fountains, and the sacred pools, guiding you through this purification ritual.

Please ask him any question related to the Ritual.

Note: Menstruating women are not allowed within temple.



 Это Балийский ритуал Благодарности и Очищения в фонтанах храма.

Он позволяет восстановить душевное, физическое и духовное равновесие.

Присоединяйтесь к Брахману и усильте свое внимание, объединив тело и разум.

If you Join our Spirit Journeys Please note that We do NOT provide a Russian translator

What to expect:

We meet the Brahman, start this enlightening journey, guiding us to the temple area.


Giving offerings to the Spirits of nature who live in the trees
Asking them permission to enter temple grounds
Learning the purpose of each fountain: Body, Mind, Spirit
Getting to know how to use the cleansing flows
Inserting your INTENTIONS among the offerings
Purifying oneself and feeling the positive energy of the place
Learning how to do a Balinese Ritual of gratitude for one’s life
How to express it, using the offerings, incense and petal flowers
Asking the Spirit to bless you and grant one’s intentions
Expressing one’s gratefulness to every god of every religion
Asking to bless the planet with abundance and happiness
Blessing by the Brahman with mantras, holly water, ric

Temple Tirta Empul

What to expect there ?

After the Water Ritual:

Change to dry clothes, then:
• Seat facing the main shrine
• Guided by the Brahman: learn the proper gestures of a traditional Balinese Ritual of gratitude
• Cleanse one’s face and aura, drink holy water,
• Use the offerings, incense and flower petals

• Express one’s gratefulness

• Place rice grains on your chakras

Water ritual

Where does this Journey take place?

Located in a beautiful temple complex outside Ubud, a 20min drive to this exceptional site where all Balinese ritually come for purification.

Main Benefits

Personal meeting with the Brahman

Physical, mental and spiritual Rebalancing:

Easing stress and depression-related issues

Enhancing focus, uniting body & mind

Clearing doubt, worry, anxiety

Enhancing purpose, sense of direction, passion for life and creativity

Focusing on one’s Intentions to have them manifested

Developing one’s sense of gratitude

Water Rite

Relevant Information

Please bring:

A change of dry clothes, flip-flops, a towel

Walking shoes

Sarong and sash


Small matt, cushion or towel (to sit on during the Ritual of Gratitude)

Your intentions (Read our Essentials)

Ancient Water Ritual with Brahman

PRICE : 29 USD (400 KRp)


Deadline for your payment: Paypal is expected minimum 48 HOURS before Meeting time. 

This is meant to facilitate the Spirit Journey for all parties involved, including Brahman, driver, assistants, etc


  • Entrance fee and locker

  • Visit of the site and the temple

  • Guided Water Ritual

  • Guided Ritual of gratitude

  • Offerings, Incense, holy water

  • Sarong and sash

  • Donation to the BRAHMAN

  • Donation to the Temple


Talisman Carving
Master Healer