Soulful Tarot Reading



The Tarot Reader..

The time honored art of TAROT is a powerful form of folk divination, quite ancient, as far back as Ancient Egypt. 

Our tarot reader practices in a soulful and intuitive way.



  • A skilled and talented Reader, this highly engaging and meaningful reading can uncover truths you would little expect. 
  • The information offered allows to think outside of our normal limited mindset, feeling better equipped to deal with the complexities of life, with a fresh and positive attitude. 
  • Not only will you gain valuable insights, you will feel as though you have a much better grip on what is happening in your life, allowing you to make fast and effective progress in whatever areas most concern you. Consider an appointment  ahead of time.
Tarot Reader

Relevant Informations

  • Give your full name (as on Birth certificate) + Date and place of Birth

  •  Please settle your appointment in advance: our Tarot Readings are very popular!

Where does this Journey take place?

  • Either down town Ubud or just 4 km out of town. MAP sent once booking is confirmed. Thank you for your attention!


The Tarot reading offers opportunity to reflect about one’s life.

You can ask as many questions as you like during the one hour reading. 

Recording the session is encouraged, please bring your own mobile phone for this, so as to contemplate the reading at a later time.

Suggested topics :

  • Health condition, energy, balance
  • Life Orientation, Projects 
  • Studies & Work – Career, Business, Partnership, Creativity
  • Money matters, prosperity,
  • investments 
  • Housing, Land & Property, Inheritance
  • Family, Marriage, children
  • Relationships, friendship
  • Love, romance
tarot reading


PRICE : 46 USD (600KRp)



To facilitate the Spirit Journey for all parties involved, including Tarot Reader, driver, assistants, etc, your Paypal is expected as soon as possible.


  • Tarot Reading for one hour

  • Unlimited questions

Only cancelling happening 48 hours before the session will be 50% refunded 


Mystic Yantras

Master Healer


Master Healer
Child meditation


 “I would like to thank the SPIRIT JOURNEYS team for the meeting with the TAROT reader. First of all he is living in a beautiful place, in the jungle!

He is an incredible reader, very accurate. We pulled cards during more than 1 hour. 

From the very first words, he described the situation in which I was, my feelings, my emotions. 

He helped me understand a lot of things happening in my life in a most positive way. 

I was very happy with this meeting. 

A few days after that I feel quiet and calm inside about all the topics I was so anxious about…

I’m feeling blessed at the moment!”

 Isabelle, France

“I am a student and this is my first time in Bali

I was happy to meet your Tarot Reader thanks to your website

I had many questions about my future,

I needed to clarify my orientations.

The Tarot gave me clear answers so i feel far better now to make decisions

This really helped me a lot to make strong choices and be happy with my options

Everything was so precise, amazing! It gave me a lot of confidence in myself.. 

I strongly recommend a reading with the SPIRIT JOURNEYS”

Yani, Ubud

“I Just had a superb Tarot Reading. 

The session not only clarified questions I had about my job, my couple, my family, it also gave me a better sense of direction.

It helped me make decisions and feel my own power.

I can only recommend this Tarot Master as the answers are quite sharp and inspiring, both  on a spiritual and daily life level. 

I was utterly impressed!”

Maria, Bali