Talisman Carvings


With great knowledge of the powerful Balinese esoteric tradition, meditation and symbols of cosmic truth, our guide belongs to the highest caste lineage of the Brahmans

You will first center on your INTENTIONS: write them down in positive terms.

Have your own personal, unique Mystic Talisman drawn, for these intentions to be manifested.

Where does this Spirit Journey take place? 

Outside Ubud, in a small village, a few km away.

  • MAP sent once your booking is confirmed
Talisman Carving


  • A personal meeting with the Brahman

  • As a Carver he first makes a draft of your Talisman  

  • The chiseling is done at his home, as the Brahman meditates, prays and chants mantras

  • When completed, each item is blessed in a special ceremony.

  • He uses holy water, offerings, flower petals, prayers and mantras

  • Each TALISMAN is infused with your positive intentions, connecting it to the Spirit. This makes it really unique.

  • It is made following your full NAME, date of birth and – essential: your INTENTIONS.

Read the interesting testimonial, by a “Travel Muse”

Main Benefits of this Spirit Journey

  • Know more about the power of INTENTIONS

  • Talismans have been used through the ages: based on ancient Hindu wisdom, 

  • Known to protect people,

  • Attract abundance and prosperity,

  • Enhance knowledge, talents and success

  • Learn how the talismans are carved on specific AUSPICIOUS dates only,

  • Know how the Brahman performs a ceremony on each item;

Relevant Information:

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Talisman Carving

50 USD (700KRp)


Bank Permata, UBUD
Acc Nr : 4120-92-93-94
Acc Name : Ni Wayan Tresna Mahayani
Swift Code : BBBAIDJA
Bank Code : 013


Deadline for your payment: Paypal                                  OR                                              Transfer to Bank Permata  is expected minimum 48 HOURS before Meeting Time.

This is meant to facilitate the Spirit Journey for all parties involved.


  • One item: your unique and personal Talisman, carved, with a braided string
  • Blessing ceremony, inserting your name within mantras and prayers
  • Offerings, incense
  • Donation to the Brahman & his family
  • Item to be picked up by yourself.


  • Your ALTERNATIVE choices:
  • Carving done in Sandal wood or in mammoth tusk 
  • Any extra items, beyond ONE Talisman
  • SILVER hook (rather than braided string)
  • DELIVERY to your Hotel/Villa
  • Postage with tracking (if you have already left Bali)
  • No payment postponed to a later date, No Credit Cards, No foreign currency. Paypal ONLY, please. 
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Cleaning and recharging your Talisman
…is important as it absorbs the surrounding energy


Choose a few flower petals of FIVE different colors
Put them in PURE WATER (Holly water from the temple, church, or mineral water ok)
Dip a cotton pad into the water
Carefully and gently clean thoroughly your Talisman
Take 11 sticks of good quality INCENSE,
Bind them together with a string
Lit the fire
Concentrate on your INTENTIONS
REPEAT them silently
PASS the Talisman on top of the smoke a few times

WHEN DONE: throw away the water,
It has absorbed and cleansed all the negative.
Allow the incense to burn until the end.

BEST DAYS for the PURIFICATION is when the energy shifts :
• ANYTIME whenever you need help, courage, protection, strength, creativity.




“The MYSTIC CARVERS... have the ability to INFUSE into the artwork specific intentions and positive energy. The pieces I ordered had exquisite detail and have truly delivered the intentions I set. “
“Our Journey to the MYSTIC CARVERS: it's here I touched beauty for the first time that day - Carvings so exquisitely made with master skill and spiritual meaning. What made them even more meaningful was to have MET THE CREATORS of these beautiful pieces. It makes them alive, powerful and so real! "
Artist, Australia
“When you think of a Brahman, what do you picture?” my guide asks. I’ve just arrived in Bali …full of anticipation. My first experience is a meeting with the Brahman Ida Bagus to have a “mystical” experience. Bali is a largely Hindu country and many people travel to the island to have spiritual encounters. From meditating in sacred caves to water healing Ritual ceremonies, the mystical realm is part of their tourism. You can’t separate the spiritual from the cultural there, all closely tied with historical Hindu temples sites. “I imagine someone wise” I answer. Brahmans are indeed often old and wise. The one I met was in his mid-thirties. He is to draw a talisman, based on my intentions and on the energy of one’s name, date and place of birth, making the it really unique to each individual. He then turns it into a carving. A specific mantra is chiseled in the back, to activate our intentions. The perfect talisman, for the perfect journey. Brahman Ida Bagus, a man with welcoming eyes, a sweet smile and a shy disposition, has a radiant energy. I watch mesmerized as he works on my drawing. The end result is beautiful, personal and powerful. We then visit the near-by 12th Century Temple, with its chambers carved in a cliff overlooking a river. “Why someone might come to see you?” - He says it’s to “find a connection to the divine”. That he is “a facilitator for healing and helping people draw from their personal power”. He believes “everything is connected” and that we already have all the tools we need within us, that having such experiences help us tap into those. We also talked about the question of birth. The placenta here is considered as a chakra, an energy center, a ‘guardian angel’, which makes sense as it feeds a new life for nine months… After the birth, a tiny piece of the umbilical cord is kept in a silver jewel around the baby’s neck, as a sign of protection. Bali is very much alive in many ways. Beyond the natural forces the island presents (active volcanoes) everything has meaning or has a ceremony surrounding it. The Balinese ask the Gods for permission for just about everything. There are three rituals a day that the matriarch of the family performs at the family temple. I start to long for a ceremony in my own life. What I decided to adopt in that moment, was the notion of "asking permission". I like the idea of asking internal permission from a place or culture before interacting with it. When traveling one must attempt to observe and apply a place’s customs and cultures in a respectful manner. Sometimes that means stepping out of one’s comfort zone..

My friend and I have experienced the TALISMAN by a BRAHMAN, at the beginning of 2020. It was amazing, we explained to him about our career issues and wrote our INTENTIONS centered on success. Already highly recommended to all my friends!