"This TAROT READER was the most friendly, accurate and diligent I have ever met. Such a thorough reading, with exceptional focus in whatever area I chose to concentrate on. He really explained things that I didn't understand and added such clarity to the progression of my life that I feel much better equipped to manage so many different aspects of my life. I recorded the session on my phone and will be reverting to it every day. Great guy and I cannot recommend him enough. If you want a tarot reader, he is the man ! "
United Kingdom

I had my first trip to BALI and decided to combine it with some Spirit Journeys; UBUD SPIRIT BALI was exactly what I was looking for:

I first had a journey with the MASTER HEALER. I’m grateful to the guide who accompanied us, did explain how he works, communicating between us and the Healer. On the way back, we had some debriefing about our session. That was very useful and brought me some clear insights.

Then I met the BRAHMAN for a MEDITATION and a WATER RITUAL. I will never forget these experiences. I had very interesting discussions with him about energy, healing and spirituality. We went to beautiful and peaceful temples, I felt like in heaven. The Brahman drew a YANTRA, a mystical drawing for my intentions to be manifested; I contemplate it every day.

I had a session with the SOULFUL TAROT reader, it was very insightful. Quite different from what I experienced in Europe...

Finally went for the MELUKAT, a purification Ritual with the HIGH PRIEST, turned out to be quite  emotional..

Thank you for arranging these journeys. You and your Driver-Assistant are a great team, I really recommend your Spirit Journeys!

The performance of UBUD SPIRIT BALI, helping to find the right Balinese specialists for us: a priest, a healer, a tarot reader, a Brahman for mystic "Yantras"... is excellent.

The guide is caring. Very well informed. A good translator. Well versed in Bali culture and lore.

You can rely on a righ quality service.

Margot ANAND, author of "The Art of Everyday Ecstasy"(B'way books, USA)

" This is just a small note to say a big thank you to you for all you did to organise a meeting with the Master Healer.

I am so grateful for all your assistance. From the first point of contact via email, you provided me with very clear, easy to follow instructions on where to meet, payment etc.

Meeting the MASTER HEALER was a highlight of my short trip to Bali, as well as meeting you and the other 3 girls who accompanied us for a healing session with him.

I particularly appreciated your kind support during the session - it was very comforting to me and the others. "



As your usual Tarot reader was away from Ubud, I had a session with your other reader, a gentleman.

Tarot was amazing!

Insights from the moment I sat down until the very end.

He was so accurate and provided the clarity I was seeking.

I'm recommending him to my friends.

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John Doe