OFFERINGS to the gods

OFFERINGS to the GODS, the Bali way 

Called Tjanang sari, these offerings are present everywhere in Bali: in small shrines hanging on the wall, on the ground, at the temple…

They are filled with colorful flowers, not randomly chosen but placed in specific ways. Some flowers are fragrant and some odourless, symbolizing human life is not always happy nor always difficult. 

For a traditional Balinese woman, it is an obligation to know how to make these offerings as one of the important daily activities besides taking care of her house and family –


Flowers with a meaning: 

EVERY OFFERING is loaded with flower petals and other items. 

They have a deep meaning.

White flowers point to the east as a symbol of Iswara, known as Shiva or Mahadeva “Great God”.

Red flowers point to the south as a symbol of Brahma, the four-headed progenitor of all human beings. Brahma holds no weapons but a scepter, a string of prayer beads and the Vedas.

Yellow flowers point to the west as a symbol of Mahadeva or Shiva: third eye on his forehead, the snake around his neck, the crescent moon, the holy river Ganga flowing from his hair, the Trishula as his weapon

Blue or greenflowers point to the north as a symbol of Vishnu, the Preserver, holding a lotus flower, a conch and a discus

The Tjanang Sari stays for one night after it is being prayed and before being replaced with a new one. 

What else is in the OFFERINGS?

Rice: symbolizes the body alive, the seed at the beginning of life.

Shaft made from betel leaf and lime: symbolizes the unity of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma – every congregation must have a heart full of love and compassion and deep gratitude to God.

Snacks and bananas: symbols of the strength and life in the universe.

A Tjanang sari is perfected with a number of coins or paper money, to be the essence of the offering.. 

Join us in the pleasure of making such offerings


350 K P/P 



  • all items, Flower petals, palm leaves, rice, lime, coins, incense etc. 

  • Once the offerings are ready, learn how to say a blessing with a prayer.

  • Out of respect for this activity, please wear a sleeved top, a sarong  + sash. 

  • Location: In Ubud, onsite your Hotel/Guest house / Villa 
  • For 2nd person: 250K Rp cash on site.

  • Duration: Consider 1,5 hours

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