Mystic Yantra Drawings


The Brahman…​

With great mastery in drawing these mystic Yantras on fabric canvas, our Brahman has a deep knowledge of the powerful Balinese esoteric tradition and all Hindu spiritual matters. 

He belongs to the highest caste lineage of the Brahmans. 

For generations his family has lived in this village near Ubud.

YANTRAS are symbols of cosmic truth, they stand for instructional charts of the spiritual aspects of human experience.

The motives are based on ancient Hindu wisdom, meant to enhance positive energy to allow expansion of psychic forces. 

Yantras are done during the auspicious days of the Balinese calendar only.

Where does this Journey take place?

  • The Yantra session happens down town Ubud 

  • MAP sent once booking is confirmed.

 What to expect:

  • A personal meeting with the Brahman

  • Have your own personal, unique Yantra drawn for your intentions to be manifested (in your home, clinic, shop, school, office, atelier, land, etc…)

  • The Brahman then prepares the Yantra at his home, connects to the Spirit in a ritual ceremony, to load and infuse it with positive intentions. He meditates, prays, performs Mudras and chants mantras using holy water and flower petals.

  • The drawing is made using your name, date of birth and your Intentions –

  • Once ready, you can either pick it up from Ubud – or have it delivered at your Hotel (Gojek) 

Main Benefits of this Journey:

  • Protect people, homes, places

  • Attract abundance in life and success in projects

  • Keep negative energies away.

  • Enhance love and romance 
  • Bring personal power, harmony, prosperity, unity, balance, luck

  • Restore & support health and strength

  • Boost career, develop business

  • Generate happiness, joy and well-being

  • Develop creativity, inspiration, intuition and insights

  • Facilitate relationships, friendships, partnership and family links

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Relevant Information

Mystic Yantra Drawings


600 K P/P


Deadline for your payment: Paypal is expected minimum 48 HOURS before Meeting time. 

This is meant to facilitate the Spirit Journey for all parties involved.


  • One item, unique and personal Yantra drawn on paper first, then on cotton canvas

  • Blessing ceremony

  • Offerings, incense, holy water

  • Donation to the Brahman & his family

  • Once the Item is ready, please pick it up from Ubud.

Not Included:

  • Your ALTERNATIVE choices:

  • EXTRA items, beyond ONE Yantra

  • DELIVERY to Hotel/Villa (Gojek)

  • Postage with tracking (if you have already left Bali) 

  • NO payment postponed to a later date, sorry

  • NO Credit Cards. NO foreign currency, sorry.

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“I imagine someone wise” I answer. Brahmans are indeed often old and wise but they are also different ages and genders. The one I met was in his mid-thirties. There is even a younger, female Brahman, that you can do a traditional healing ceremony you can visit. 

Brahman Ida Bagus, a man with welcoming eyes, a sweet smile and a shy disposition, has a radiant energy. We exchange greetings and I watch mesmerized as he works on my drawing. The end result is beautiful, personal and powerful. After the yantra is drawn, the group agrees to visit the near-by 12th Century Temple, with its chambers carved in a cliff overlooking a river. »

Mysti, USA

« The performance of UBUD SPIRIT BALI, helping to find the right Balinese specialists for us: a priest, a healer, a tarot reader, a Brahman for mystic « Yantras »… is excellent.

The guide is caring. Very well informed. A good translator. Well versed in Bali culture and lore.

You can rely on a righ quality service. »

Margot ANAND, author of « The Art of Everyday Ecstasy »