Meditation with Brahman

Meditation Session with a brahman

The Brahman…

With great knowledge of the powerful Balinese esoteric tradition of meditation and all Hindu spiritual matters, our guide belongs to the highest caste lineage.

After gathering at the meeting point, he leads you to the temple for a tour and meditation.

Note: menstruating women must meditate outside the temple. 



An enlightening Journey to this exceptional 12th Century temple.

Carved in a cliff, overlooking a clear stream and enshrined within beautiful rice terraces.

This UNESCO World Heritage site displays stupas:

Tombs of ancient queens and kings are carved in the rock, where priests used to do chanting, praying, fasting. The place is loaded with vibrant energy.

It is a major holly pilgrimage destination for all Balinese:

breathe and walk mindfully… 

Enjoy :

  • A visit of the Stupas 
  • A guided meditation by the temple chambers

  • The Brahman leads you gently into quietening the mind; silently repeating your Intentions to have them manifested 

  • Blessing by the Brahman with mantras and holy water

  • Learning how to do a ritual of gratitude, using offerings, incense and flower petals
  • Expressing gratitude for one’s life, asking the Spirit to bless you and grant one’s intentions

  • Expressing one’s gratefulness to every god of every religion

  • Asking to bless the planet with abundance and happiness

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Where does this Journey take place ?


Located in a beautiful temple  displaying many ancient chambers, about 20 minutes away from UBUD.

Main Benefits of this Journey

  • Personal meeting with the Brahman,

  • Physical, mental and spiritual rebalancing;

  • Easing stress and depression-related issues

  • Enhancing focus, uniting body & mind

  • Clearing doubt, worry, anxiety

  • Focusing on one’s Intentions

  • Enhancing purpose, sense of direction, passion and creativity

  • Developing a sense of gratitude for one’s life

Child meditation


Please bring :

  • Walking shoes

  • Camera

  • Small matt, cushion or towel to sit on during meditation

  • Your Intentions, written on paper, ahead of time (READ our Essentials)



Paypal is expected minimum 48 HOURS before Meeting time. 

This is meant to facilitate the Spirit Journey for all parties involved.


  • Entrance fee

  • Visit of the site, tombs, temples and chambers

  • Guided Meditation by our Brahman 

  • Offerings, Incense, candles

  • Sarong and sash

  • Donation to the BRAHMAN

  • Donation to the Temple




I had my first trip to BALI in September 2017. I wanted to combine my visit with some spiritual journeys, UBUD SPIRIT BALI was exactly what I was looking for..

I first had a journey with a HEALER. I’m grateful to the guide who accompanied us and explained how he works, he translated to communicate between us and the Healer. On the way back, we had a debriefing about our own session. That was very useful and brought me some clear insights.

I met the BRAHMAN for a MEDITATION in TEMPLE CHAMBERS and a WATER RITUAL. I will never forget these experiences. I had very interesting discussions with him about energy, healing and spirituality. We went to beautiful and peaceful temples, I felt like in heaven. The Brahman drew a YANTRA, a mystical drawing for my intentions to be manifested; I contemplate it every day.

The session with the SOULFUL TAROT reader was very insightful. Quite different from what I experienced in Europe. 

The MELUKAT, a purification Ritual with the HIGH PRIEST has been quite an emotional experience.

Thank you for arranging these journeys. And thanks as well to the friendly driver. You are a great team and I will certainly contact you again during my next visit to Bali.


Un temple magnifique, il se mérite car parcours avec des marches – dans une vallée de rizieres, le temple est taillé dans deux falaises qui se font face, un torrent coule au milieu. 

Nous y avons fait un rituel d’offrandes avec des fleurs et de l’encens, assis dans des grottes tres anciennes. Nous avons appris a faire un petit rituel Balinais, prié pour remercier le Soleil, les Dieux du lieu et tous les Dieux du monde. C’etait simple et magnifique. Avec un grand sentiment de gratitude et de paix au coeur.

Julie, Therapeute, 59 ans.