Master Healer

Journey to a Master Healer


600K Rp P/P

The Master Healer...


He belongs to the Balinese Royal Family and is one of the oldest Healers in Bali. 

His knowledge comes from the sacred Lontars, practicing meditation, rituals and asceticism. He has expansive knowledge of the Nadi meridian points, Mantras and Mudras (Sacred healing sounds and gestures) Yantras (sacred healing motives). 

For Menstruating women diagnostic only without treatment. 

Sessions are short, about 10 Minutes.

Master Healer Ubud

You will meet up with our Driver, who takes you to the Healer’s compound, in charge of donations and offerings.

“ It is incredibly difficult to describe what he does. Healer, shaman, wise soul. All would be appropriate, but none would encompass all that he does. He said things about my family that I did not share with anybody here…

He scribed me with his stick, marking strange glyphs [yantras, sacred healing tantric patterns].

Then with our feet touching, he prayed silently [mantras] whilst making a series of interesting mudras [healing gestures] and used his stick to draw more motives on my back … About the family issues he said “bad luck is gone – gone back to the Earth”

Andrew, Apneist and IT, 43 yrs old, Australia

Master Healer

Where does this Spirit Journey take place?

At the Master Healer’s private compound, outside Ubud.

Departure: 7.30 AM SHARP from Ubud

An early start is crucial as we then find the Healer fresh, sharp and alert.
Late departure may result in more waiting as it works “first come first serve”. So, please be on time!

Transport and other details please read our Essentials.

Master Healer


  • Diagnosis of vital organs & systems

  • Detoxification of the body, boosting of the immune system

  • Physical, mental and spiritual rebalancing

  • Stress and depression-related issues

  • Chronic problems: back, hip, knee and joint issues

  • Fertility / Hormonal & Lymphatic system 

  • Eating disorders, Addictions

  • Enhancing memory and focus;

  • Clearing doubt, worry, anxiety 

  • Enhancing purpose & sense of direction; stimulating passion for life and creativity

  • Healing of traumas and “scars” in the Heart area.


Deadline for your payment: Paypal is expected minimum 48 HOURS before Meeting Time. This is meant to facilitate the Spirit Journey for all parties involved, including Admin, Master Healer, Driver…



  • Offerings

  • Sarong, sash

  • Treatment

  • Donation to the Master Healer

  • Home-made healing oils or herbal medicine may be provided by the healer



Talisman Carving
Talisman Carving
Yantra drawing
Yantra Drawing
Tarot Reading