Find a villa in Ubud which corresponds to your expectations is not easy. We try to offer to our guests unforgettable and typical accommodations and experiences. Composed with twice suite rooms, our Jungalow Villa is situated above the Jungle and the Ayung River ; a quiet and safe place which inspires.
Accessible by stairs, the result is worth the effort. Count around three kilometers and ten minutes from Ubud center in scooters. 

” Comfortable, quiet, safe, luminous and close to nature “

Swimming Pool


Shuttle-Airport Pick up
Scooter rental on site
Help and Security
Cleaning every day

1st suite room : "the nest"

2nd Suite : "the loft"

  • Complete villa to rent, perfect for a family of 4-5 people.
  • 2 Suite Rooms, 2 large Kingsize with Mosquitos nets
  • 2 Bathrooms with western toilets
  • 1 Large Living Room with sofa which can be used as child bed.
  • Air conditioners and Fans in each bedrooms
  • Fully Equiped Kitchen with large fridge, Cooker, pots and pans, Large terracotta plan
  • Working areas : Work Desk and Tables

Outside : Pool and terrace


  • Served from 7-9:30 AM
    Consists of Typical Balinese Breakfasts and Occidentals Dishes.
    Please have a look to our Menu attached below.

  • Self-service : Tea, Bali grown Coffee (not ‘instant’), creamer, sugar


STUNNING jungle views & Access to river Ayung, diverse ecosystems and tropical surroundings. – This place is a right-off-the-beaten-track jewel.

Located West Ubud 4km from the city.

stunning jungle view

Western Toiletts

Hot Shower

Wifi 15 MBPS

No smoking area

Price :  1 200 000 Rupiah per night

Include the complete house, 2 suite rooms, Living room, Kitchen, Breakfast and access to the terrace, pool.


– Ensure that you read the “House Rules / HOUSE MANUAL”.

PARKING for bikes in the LANE – NO PRIVATE PLACE For cars in the street. You can park the car 7 minutes by walk in main street.


— INTERNATIONAL DRIVING LICENSE is recommended if you need a scooter
— HARD COPY of each PASSPORT for police declaration: COMPULSORY (fill it in + leave it on table inside)


Be respectful of Balinese Dress Rules at temples – please cover shoulders, chest and legs, wear a sarong and sash; Menstruating women are NOT allowed on temple grounds.


We will get back to you very shortly



    We believe in responsible, mindful, educated travelers.

    Our main rule? ~;+) mindfulness IS happiness ~;+)

    We have set up a few IMPORTANT points, inspired by experience.

    • No 24/7 Reception Desk open for a welcome service; Owner and employees do not live on-site that’s why keys are sometime in the terracota pot and no one is there to welcome you.

    • Mindfulness is about respect and consideration of others and of the environment
      Please share our ECO-FRIENDLY approach:

      – Switch OFF lights AND fans before going out
      – Be conservative with your use of WATER, a very precious resource here.
      Washing your clothes in the accommodation is not allowed. ==> Contact us for your Laundry
      – We recycle metal cans, glass & plastic bottles: please keep them separate from other garbage.
      – Our soap is diluted, to limit toxic, harmful waste in our homes, ground water, rivers and streams.
      – Smoking is allowed outside only. Please dispose your cigarettes in an ashtray.
      – Electricity, water, internet service: While these are all currently active in the listing, from time to time there can be a LAPSE in their accessibility due to the more primitive infrastructure of services on the island. Nothing can be done about this and does not constitute a valid reason for cancelling with the expectation of a refund. We appreciate your understanding regarding this.

    • SAFETY:

      Our villa is located on an exceptional site overlooking the valley and its lush jungle. However, an exceptional view is not easily acquired that’s why to access the Jungalow, there are about 30 steps and there is a railing to hold on to.
      Be aware that pathways and steps can be SLIPPERY. Moss, mold and rain can be expected. Stay focus and aware.

      Switch ON the lights of the way if it’s not already done. Keep your own flash light with you when coming or going after dark.

      Lock your door, close your windows whenever going out.

      Keep your valuables inside a cabinet, rather than in plain sight. Our housekeepers are the only ones to hold double keys.

      Open flames (candles, incense, oil burners, gas cooker…): Never leave them unattended for obvious safety reasons, for yourself & others.

      WATER HEATER is already set up: please do not change it – if need be, contact us asap, our Maintenance man will do it.

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