JAMU : A Unique Health Drink

   THE FAMOUS JAMU has been brewed for 1300 years as a national drink in Indonesia. 

The knowledge about the herbal ingredients is considered as sacred. They are not written down but handed down from generation to generation.

As a traditional medicine made from natural ingredients including roots, bark, flowers, seeds, leaves and fruits, it has some similarities to Ayurveda.

The JAMU is an exceptional anti-inflammatory health tonic to add to your arsenal of home remedies.



A comforting, delicious drink, what are the uses of JAMU? 

TURMERIC, GINGER AND TAMARIND are essential ingredients of this age old drink. 

 TURMERIC is a ‘superfood hero’ and the ‘grand daddy’ of all spices. 

Fresh turmeric root tastes fresher and cleaner, and is better for therapeutic purposes. Beyond its well-acclaimed anti-inflammatory powers (due to the antioxidant called curcumin), it gathers multiple qualities:

– rejuvenates liver cells, 

– aids the liver function by cleansing the blood, 

– eliminates unwanted toxins

– reduces risk of chronic diseases, 

– detox and gives a clearer skin complexion

GINGER is another key component of the JAMU. 

When working alongside TURMERIC, these two potent medicinal wonders bring healing and protect the body from illnesses and diseases. 

An all-time favorite ancient remedy, GINGER deals with

  • muscle soreness, 

  • aches and pains, 

  • upset stomach, 

  • an anti-cancer agent 

They are two of the most potent antioxidants and anti-cancerous herbs that continue to be revered in Asia.


  • cleans the gut, 

  • acts as a natural laxative, 

  • aids digestion, 

  • boosts the purification process of the liver, creating natural enzymes that clean the blood


  • Honey

  • Fresh green lime juice

  • extra « secrete » spices…

Learn how to make your won JAMU


350 K P/P

  • All ingredients are provided 

  • Duration: Consider 2 hours 

  • Location: onsite our home in SAYAN UBUD –                                   OR 

  • at your Guest house / Villa in UBUD: we then need you please provide table, chair, gas cooker, cooking pan, washbasin with running water, blender – 

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