Purification ritual with High Priest

A High Priest (and his wife, the High Priestess) are called Ida Pedanda and belong to the High Caste of BRAHMAN.

In the 14th century, priests, nobles and artisans fled Java to escape their Muslim conquerors and brought Hinduism to Bali.

Brahmans are Priests and scholars. They preach, teach and perform ceremonies.

When in presence of a High Priest or a High Priestess, we address them respectfully, the Balinese way, wearing a sleeved top and a sarong, bowing slightly, hands gathered on the heart, always sitting a bit lower than them.

Note : Menstruating women are not allowed on temple grounds…

The Ida Pedanda dresses all in white, hair held into a bun, a long white sash wrapped around the waist. For such purification ritual – called Melukat – all the necessary traditional regalia are prepared: Bells, bowls, incense, flowers, offerings, holly water, headband and a bracelet.

Where does this Spirit Journey take place?

The Ritual is performed at the High Priest’s compound.

It is done during the auspicious days of the Balinese Calendar. 

Please enquire for dates in advance.

What to expect ?

uThe High Priest prays, rings the bell and calls the Spirit while chanting Mantras, sacred healing sounds. He performs Mudras, sacred healing hand gestures.

He blesses the Offerings, your written Intentions folded between them. He sprinkles Holy water over your head, blessing you.

Provided for the ritual:

  • headband, woven from palm leaf and flowers, symbolic of the connection to one’s inner voice and intuition

  • A braided bracelet, TRIDATU, symbolically connecting to one’s guides and guardians

  • Holy water for blessing and drinking

  • Rice, put on your chakras, to bless you with peace and abundance .

  • Our driver will be facilitating this Journey 

Main Benefits of this Spirit Journey

  • Aura clearing, where diseases start,

  • Purification of body, mind and emotions,

  • Clearing of negative energies: shame, guilt, anger, grief, doubt, directionless feelings, recurrent bad luck, specific karmic influences,

  • Connecting with one’s guides & intuition,

  • Contacting one’s Inner Voice, binding with one’s soul.

  • After the ritual, facing the shrines, enjoy on-site a quiet time for meditation, prayer and contemplation.

  • Learn the essential How-To’s of this traditional Balinese Ritual with your Balinese guide:

  • How to Purify your hands and face, Use the offerings, Perform the proper gestures, Greet the gods, Express one’s gratefulness, Ask for one’s Intentions to be fulfilled.

Please have your Intentions prepared in advance: Read our Essentials


PRICE : 29 USD (400KRp)


Deadline for your payment : Paypal is expected minimum 48 HOURS before your JOURNEY.


Included :

  • Sarong
  • Sash
  • Offerings & incense
  • HeadBand
  • Tricolor braided Bracelet
  • Our own driver as facilitator
  • Donation to the High Priest, his helpers & family


The performance of UBUD SPIRIT BALI, helping to find the right Balinese specialists for us: a priest, a healer, a tarot reader, a Brahman for mystic "Yantras"... is excellent. The guide is caring. Very well informed. A good translator. Well versed in Bali culture and lore. You can rely on a righ quality service.
Margot ANAND
Author of "The Art of Everyday Ecstasy"(B'way books, USA) France
I had my first trip to BALI, I wanted to combine my visit with spiritual journeys.
UBUD SPIRIT BALI was exactly what I was looking for: I first had a journey with a HEALER. I’m grateful to the guide who accompanied us. She did explain how he works. She was as well a translator to communicate between us and the Healer. On the way back, she gave a debriefing to each of us about our own session. That was very useful and brought me some clear insights.
I also met the BRAHMAN for a MEDITATION in TEMPLE CHAMBERS and a WATER RITUAL. I will never forget these experiences. I had very interesting discussions with him about energy, healing and spirituality. We went to beautiful and peaceful temples, I felt like in heaven.
The Brahman drew a YANTRA, a mystical drawing for my intentions to be manifested: I contemplate it every day.
The session with the SOULFUL TAROT reader was very insightful. Quite different from what I experienced in Europe.
The MELUKAT, a purification Ritual with the HIGH PRIEST has been quite an emotional experience.
Thank you for arranging these journeys. And thanks as well to the friendly driver. You are a great team and I will certainly contact you again during my next visit to Bali.
Annick, Belgium