Ubud is a state of mind..

Our SPIRIT JOURNEYS bring you closer to the soul of UBUD, BALI.

It is there that the heart beats: Brahman, Tarot Reader and treat the body, the spirit and the emotions all at once, realigning one’s soul purpose. Water Ritual, Talisman, Yantra for one’s home, Meditation, Purification and more, following one’s intentions.

Our Balinese Spirit Journeys encourage you to travel with nectar. Smell the scent and give free rein to your life and your passion for your own journey. We believe that travel involves your own search for a meaningful life.

Join those who embark and sail.

The spirit is blowing somehow here. Bali is its cradle”



meet spiritual guide

Ubud is a mood, the Spirit blows here…

Our role is to design & accompany you on exclusive off the beaten track spiritual itineraries in Bali.

Our Spirit Journeys offer a bridging between cultures, meant to facilitate the passage into the Balinese traditions, their ways of healing, rituals and relationship to the deity. A whole different conception from one’s own world…

Our Balinese team makes sure to assist you all along, with their very best expertise.

Communicating directly with Brahman and Tarot Reader, we aim at your grasping the delightful nectar of a profound immersion. 

Learn more about such unique Journeys, the etiquette and the ethics, the dress code, the poetic parabols and metaphors, the meaning behind the mystical approach.

Enjoy the taste of the local culture, experience powerful age-old rituals. Understand the quizzical techniques, step on board and explore the Spirit of Ubud.

We help you discriminate the right Journey for you, discarding any risk of deceit or trickery, and ensuring full confidentiality.