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Meet a brahman

Meet a tarot reader

Water ritual

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Some of our famous spirit journeys :

Meditation and water ritual with a brahman

Get a personal meeting with a BRAHMAN. He has a deep knowledge of the powerful Balinese esoteric tradition and all Hindu spiritual matters.

Get the experience of meditation with him. 

Water Rite

Talisman Carving and Yantra Drawing

The Brahman has a deep knowledge of the powerful Balinese esoteric tradition and all Hindu spiritual matters. 

He prepares ritual power objects. 

From your INTENTIONS, get a unique, personal engraved TALISMAN.

                      …. OR

a drawing of a superb YANTRA on cotton fabric.

Talisman Carving

Brahman Water Ritual

Water Rite

Mystic Yantra Drawing

MYSTIC YANTRA drawn by our Brahman for a Guest from Brazil, following his intention I am a musician. I succeed in making music a global instrument of healing Ubud, March 2020

Mystic Talisman Carving


Meditation with Brahman


Tarot Reading


The birthing of the SPIRIT JOURNEYS :

Our SPIRIT JOURNEYS were born from a sparkle: the desire of exploring Bali and its hidden rituals.

The first encounter – with a healer who used mudras and mantras – who solved a sprained ankle within minutes – was striking enough to trigger a deep curiosity.

Healer bali ubud

Then came the idea of having the sacred TALISMANS carved into a pendant.

Again here, the pure chance of meeting a Brahman – since long deeply involved in all Balinese esoteric symbols. He taught us that the choice of a Talisman is based essentially on  intentions:

What is it we want to achieve? to succeed in? to transform or generate?

This Brahman took us then to a most stunning ancient temple.

He initiated us to Water Wisdom,  each fountain having a specific purpose. One’s intentions being key.

More Journeys were yet to come: Tarot and Meditation.

Inspired by the reaction of friends, the Spirit Journeys were born!

Water ritual